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Are supplements needed to prevent mineral deficiency?

There have been longstanding discussions as whether vitamin and mineral supplementation is needed to prevent mineral deficiency and the role they should play in health. This short article, written by a pharmacist, addresses the issue. By Chad Campbell, Director of Pharmacy, PharmD, Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Arizona Vitamins and minerals have been utilized for improvement of general health and wellbeing as well as directly used in the [...]

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Finding Relief from Constipation

By Karie N. Anderson - posted without recent editing It’s a subject not often spoken about openly in mixed company, but there is confusion about what is considered “normal” regarding the frequency of bowel movements. While some experts state that two to three bowel movements a day is “normal” and recommended, not having a bowel movement each day doesn’t necessarily mean, and should not be assumed as [...]

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Mineral Resources International – 50 years of improving global health

The history of Mineral Resources International began in 1968 when Hartley Anderson read a series of newspaper articles written by Dr. George W. Crane Ph.D. M.D., who published the amazing results people received from drinking small amounts of seawater daily. Dr. Crane theorized that the abundant minerals and trace minerals contained in seawater played an essential role in maintaining optimal health. These articles struck Hartley like a [...]

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A fascinating look at vitality & health

In a recent interview, Dr. David Thomas shares the key to vitality health through a person's life cycle and the critical role that mineral nutrition plays. He is the author of a widely-cited study entitled, "The mineral depletion of foods available to us as a nation, 1940-2002," finding that over a 60-year period, there have been fundamental reductions in the quality of food available. This article was [...]

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How to Get Rid of a Charley Horse – 4 simple fixes

How to get rid of a charley horse: This problem plagues athletes and sedentary folks alike. If you’ve ever been jolted out of sleep by a searing pain in your leg that leaves you gasping for breath, you know all too well how painful a muscle cramp can be. If you’ve never experienced a charley horse (sometimes misspelled Charlie Horse), you can count yourself lucky. In this [...]

Magnesium, The Forgotten Mineral 

You probably know that calcium is necessary for strong, healthy bones. But in your rush to ensure you are getting enough calcium in your diet; you may have overlooked an equally important mineral—magnesium. Like calcium, magnesium is an essential mineral. And like calcium, magnesium also contributes to strong bones. However, unlike calcium, many Americans have not heard of magnesium and are not aware of just how important it [...]

Gaye Anderson Remembered

Gaye Anderson (June 5, 1934 - November 29, 2020) passed away peacefully on the morning of November 29 in the presence of family. The week before, her seven children were given the precious gift of being in her presence around the clock. She slipped into a deep sleep and showed no distress after her body decided there was no need to face another winter [...]

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The Many Health Benefits of Selenium

There are many health benefits of selenium, even though it was only officially recognized as essential for human health in 1990. Since then, a great deal of publicity has been given to this trace mineral. This article reviews current research about the most widely recognized health benefits of selenium. One area of research relates to the way selenium seems to boost immunity and aid the respiratory system. This has [...]

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