Magnesium, The Forgotten Mineral 

You know that calcium builds strong bones, but did you know about the role of magnesium? Research shows that magnesium, an essential essential mineral, not only builds strong bones but reduces migraines and the risk of heart attack and stroke. Here is a primer on magnesium, including how much you need, and the likelihood that you are not getting enough. You probably know that calcium is necessary [...]

Ionic Minerals vs Colloidal Minerals – Definitions and Hype

Are ionic minerals or colloidal minerals better? What do those terms mean anyway? Marketers of both types of products make claims that they are “more absorbable” than other mineral forms. But are they really? In this article, we examine definitions, how well the claims stack up, and what is just hype. This article begins each section with definitions, followed by discussion in conversational terms. Minerals and Trace Minerals: [...]

Magnesium and Mom – Risks of Low Magnesium During Pregnancy

What are the effects of low magnesium during pregnancy? This article is pulled from a talk by the late Dr. Mildred Seelig, who was perhaps the world’s most preeminent researcher on Magnesium. She makes the case that low magnesium during pregnancy is associated with low birth weight, gestational diabetes, stillbirth, and eclampsia. Not only that, but babies born with these problems have more heart problems later in [...]

Magnesium Deficiency – Needs for Magnesium not Met in Most People

Magnesium deficiency is common since the the American diet is rich in proteins, carbohydrates and fats but it is generally poor in magnesium (Mg). Additionally, most supplements of vitamins and minerals, that are taken by many to assure adequate nutrition, provide magnesium in only minimal amounts, if at all. Magnesium is a mineral that is essential for health in optimal quantities, if we [...]

Mineral Resources International – 50 years of improving global health

The history of Mineral Resources International began in 1968, when Hartley Anderson read a series of newspaper articles written by Dr. George W. Crane Ph.D. M.D., who published the amazing results people received from drinking small amounts of sea water daily. Dr. Crane theorized that the abundant minerals and trace minerals contained in seawater, played an essential role in maintaining optimal health. These articles struck Hartley like [...]

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Minerales iónicos vs minerales coloidales – Definiciones y exageraciones

¿Son mejores los minerales iónicos o los minerales coloidales? ¿Qué significan esos términos de todos modos? Los comercializadores de ambos tipos de productos afirman que son “mas absorbibles” que otras formas minerales. ¿Pero lo son realmente? En este artículo, examinamos las definiciones, que tan bien se comparan las afirmaciones y que es simplemente una exageración. Este articulo comienza cada sección con definiciones, seguido por una discusión en términos [...]

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