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About Bruce Anderson

Bruce is the fifth son of founders Hartley and Gaye Anderson. Bruce developed leadership skills early in life. He became president of the mineral businesses at age 22 and has served as president of MRI the majority of the time since its inception. Bruce has traveled extensively domestically and internationally, meeting with customers and giving health and inspirational lectures to large audiences. He has been married for over 35 years to Susan, has six children and 3 granddaughters. He enjoys skiing, camping, the outdoors, and being involved in the political process. He served as a County Commissioner for four years.

Mineral Resources International – 50 years of improving global health

The history of Mineral Resources International began in 1968 when Hartley Anderson read a series of newspaper articles written by Dr. George W. Crane Ph.D. M.D., who published the amazing results people received from drinking small amounts of seawater daily. Dr. Crane theorized that the abundant minerals and trace minerals contained in seawater played an essential role in maintaining optimal health. These articles struck Hartley like a [...]

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Liquid trace minerals – how to judge a mineral product

What are ways you can judge liquid trace minerals? This article examines criteria to tell whether you are getting the best trace minerals available - and what to avoid. Written by Mineral Resources International President, Bruce H. Anderson. 1. Liquid Trace Minerals in Balance The first criteria to use in judging a liquid mineral and trace mineral supplement is balance. It is interesting to note that the [...]

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Natural Electrolytes are essential for life, health, and peak performance

What are natural electrolytes and why do you need them? Clinically speaking, death occurs when all electrical activity in the brain is gone. For instance, the central nervous system communicates with the body through electrical charges. Electrolytes are minerals that have either a positive or negative charge and are the conductors of the electrical energy in solution within the body. Without them, we cease to exist. In [...]

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Mineral Resources International: 50 años mejorando la salud mundial

La historia de Mineral Resources International comenzó en 1968 cuando Hartley Anderson leyó una serie de artículos periodísticos escritos por el Dr. George W. Crane Ph.DMD, quien publicó los asombrosos resultados que la gente obtenía al beber pequeñas cantidades de agua de mar a diario. El Dr. Crane teorizó que los abundantes minerales y oligoelementos contenidos en el agua de mar desempeñaban un papel esencial en el mantenimiento de una [...]

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Minerales traza líquidos – como juzgar un producto mineral

¿De que maneras puede juzgar los oligoelementos líquidos? Este articulo examina los criterios para saber si esta obteniendo los mejores oligoelementos disponibles y que evitar. Escrito por el presidente de Mineral Resources International, Bruce H. Anderson.1. Minerales traza líquidos en equilibrioEl primer criterio para utilizar para juzgar un suplemento de minerales liquido y oligoelementos es el equilibrio. Es interesante notar que los mares de la Tierra y los [...]

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Los electrolitos son esenciales para la vida, la salud y el rendimiento máximo

Clínicamente hablando, la muerte ocurre cuando toda la actividad eléctrica en el cerebro desaparece. Por ejemplo, el sistema nervioso central se comunica con el cuerpo a través de cargas eléctricas. Los electrolitos son minerales que tienen una carga positiva o negativa y son los conductores de la energía eléctrica en solución dentro del cuerpo. Sin ellos, dejamos de existir. En situaciones extremas, las deficiencias en los electrolitos [...]

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