What are the ways you can judge liquid trace minerals? This article examines criteria to tell whether you are getting the best trace minerals available – and what to avoid. Written by Mineral Resources International President, Bruce H. Anderson.

1. Liquid Trace Minerals in Balance

The first criteria to use in judging a liquid mineral and trace mineral supplement is balance. It is interesting to note that the seas of the earth and the fluids of the body are very similar in mineral balance. Forest Neilson of the USDA suggested that life has always been closely associated with the seas. Because of this close connection, minerals and trace minerals in seawater are especially bio-available. This is because the body has developed mechanisms to utilize and eliminate those minerals, thus keeping a harmonious balance.

For example, cadmium is not found in seawater. The body does not know what to do with this heavy metal, and when the body takes it in, it does not have mechanisms to eliminate it. On the other hand, sodium and magnesium are found abundantly in seawater, and these are essential macro minerals in the human body.

The Great Salt Lake has a similar balance to seawater. That’s why we use it for our supplement Anderson Sea M.D. (also known as CMD) has an amazing mineral and trace mineral balance. We, at Mineral Resources International, believe that these correlations indicate that the Great Salt Lake’s mineral balance is an excellent source of liquid trace minerals suitable for long-term use.

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2. Trusted Measures of Quality

Anderson Sea M.D. Magnesium productThe medical Hippocratic Oath says, “First do no harm.” We have seen competing mineral products that are out of balance, such as those with high levels of aluminum. Anderson Sea M.D., on the other hand, has gone through third party testing to ensure our products are generally recognized as safe by the FDA. To receive that designation Anderson Sea M.D. was scrutinized by a panel of independent toxicologists who verified the safety of long-term use.

Mineral Resources International verifies the purity and quality of its liquid trace minerals through extensive third party testing and independent analysis. Over a 50-year period, leading health and safety experts and millions of satisfied users have vouched that these minerals are pure, safe, and effective.

There are no additional ingredients or anything artificial added to this liquid trace mineral complex!

Caution! Watch out for high aluminum or heavy metal content in other trace mineral products.

3. Liquid Trace Minerals in Ionic Form

A third criterion for judging a mineral product is its form. The very best form of minerals and trace minerals is in a liquid electrolyte/ionic state. This means the minerals are capable of conducting electrical energy within the body. Ionic minerals have either a positive or negative charge, which, like magnets, allows them to be transported where they need to go. The minerals in Anderson Sea M.D. are found in their smallest form, down to angstrom size, which means they can pass through a semi permeable membrane and be absorbed in the digestive system. They do not need to be broken down any further to be absorbed. There is not a more bioavailable form than liquid ionic trace minerals.

Electrolytes are also known to help hydrate, balance PH, support muscle function, help eliminate toxins, help convert calories into energy, and they are involved in hundreds of enzyme functions.

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4. Mineral Concentration

Solar EvaporationThe fourth criteria for judging liquid trace minerals is the concentration of the minerals. Mineral Resources International uses an all-natural solar evaporation and precipitation process on the Great Salt Lake. These natural solar pools bring the amazing liquid trace minerals up to a super saturated concentration, brimming with beneficial minerals and trace minerals.

Supersaturation means that brines are as concentrated as they physically can be, while still remaining in solution. We have seen other liquid mineral products with only a small fraction of total dissolved minerals in their final solution. This means Anderson Sea M.D. is potent, economical, and certain to deliver results.

It can take up to 2 years and 50 liters of Great Salt Lake water to make 1 liter of Anderson Sea M.D. People often ask, “Why go to all that effort?” The answer is simple: Because we see miraculous results, and results are the final and most important criteria. We have seen tremendous results all over the world for a wide range of health and nutritional benefits. This is thanks to the incredible Great Salt Lake and the love and care used to bring Anderson Sea M.D. to you.

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5. Provenance

Provenance means “place of origin” and includes the ability to trace a product from its original source all the way to the person who opens the bottle. We at Mineral Resources have our own harvesting ponds on the Great Salt Lake in the United States. We can trace every drop from beginning to end. Our cGMP facilities produce quality reliability, and ensure environmental stewardship.

The Great Salt Lake is a Perfect Source for Liquid Trace Minerals

The Great Salt Lake is found in what is called the Great Basin and is an inland sea with no outlets. For thousands of years, the minerals and liquid trace minerals have been concentrated from rivers and streams that originate in the Rocky Mountains to this desert sea. This means that the north end of the Great Salt Lake is approximately 10 times more concentrated than seawater.

We consider the Great Salt Lake the perfect source for liquid trace minerals. 2019 marked the 50th year that the Anderson family has been extracting health-enhancing liquid trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake in the U.S.A. Mineral Resources International has perfected methods to deliver the best results, and the science backs up what the Anderson family has known for decades.