Get ready to boost your health and energy with our amazing Anderson Trace Mineral Complex! We’ve taken trace minerals to a whole new level, creating a formula packed with these vital micronutrients at just the right amounts to really help you. We’re excited about the endless benefits these minerals can bring to your life, so we’ve put all our passion into making a supplement that’s both super high quality and super effective. Whether you’re into nutrition, staying active, or just want to feel your best every day, our Anderson Trace Mineral Complex is your ticket to a healthy journey.

This Trace Mineral Complex contains these essential trace minerals in effective amounts:

Iodine 150 mcg 100% DV
Iodine is a tiny element with huge benefits. It’s vital for thyroid, metabolism, growth, and development. It also supports your immune system, brain health, and has antimicrobial properties. Iodine aids detox, prevents deficiency, and promotes overall well-being. 

Magnesium 26 mg 6% DV
Magnesium, often dubbed the “real heart hero,” plays a vital role in maintaining overall cardiovascular health. It acts as a silent guardian, ensuring your heartbeat remains steady, blood pressure stays within a healthy range, and cholesterol levels are kept in check. For individuals managing diabetes, magnesium emerges as a true ally by enhancing insulin sensitivity, aiding in better blood sugar control. Not limited to its cardiovascular benefits, magnesium also supports optimal muscle and nerve function, contributing to the smooth operation of your body’s essential systems. Moreover, it collaborates with calcium to fortify your bones, reinforcing their structure and durability. Magnesium, in addition to its other health benefits, plays a crucial role in supporting gut health by aiding in digestion, regulating bowel movements, and promoting a balanced gut microbiome.

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Zinc 11 mg 100% DV
Zinc is like your immune system’s best friend, giving it the power to fight off illnesses and keeping you feeling strong. Plus, it’s like a shield against age-related diseases, helping you stay youthful and full of energy.

Selenium 55 mg 100% DV
Selenium is a tiny powerhouse for your health! It’s a super antioxidant, protecting your cells from harm and reducing the risk of cancer. Plus, it’s a heart protector, keeping your heart healthy by preventing cholesterol issues. Selenium is also a brain booster, helping you stay sharp and thinking clearly. Don’t forget, it’s crucial for your thyroid too. It serves as a valuable ally to your immune system, assisting in maintaining your well-being.

If you have asthma, it can bring you some relief too.

Copper 0.9 mg 100% DV
Copper is essential to making red blood cells, keeping us oxygen-packed and our nerves strong. Copper builds strong bones and tissues, helps our hearts beat steady, and keeps us energized. Plus, it’s an immune system booster. It even plays a role in our genes, making it a key player in our well-being. 

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Manganese 2.3 mg 100% DV
This trace mineral is an antioxidant champ, defending your cells and fighting inflammation. It’s your blood sugar buddy, linked to diabetes prevention and fewer seizures. Plus, it helps digest fats and carbs, eases PMS with calcium, and protects your brain while supporting your thyroid.

Chromium 35 mcg 100% DV
One of the fantastic benefits of chromium is its ability to support better blood sugar control. Chromium works hand in hand with insulin, the hormone that keeps your blood sugar levels in check. This can be a real game-changer, especially for those dealing with diabetes, as it can contribute to steadier blood sugar and lower the chances of complications linked to erratic glucose levels.

Molybdenum 45 mcg 100% DV
Molybdenum is a super-important trace mineral for our bodies. It teams up with enzymes to keep our bodies running smoothly and helps detoxify by fighting off toxins. It even gives a boost to male fertility and hormone balance, making our reproductive health better. Plus, it has anti-inflammatory powers, which means it can help with arthritis and ease joint discomfort. Basically it’s like a guardian for our cells, making sure everything is running perfectly.

Chloride 150 mg 6% DV
Chloride, often overlooked, is a vital player in keeping us healthy and vibrant. It helps maintain hydration and perfect pH balance. In the stomach, it ensures we digest food effectively, keeping our energy up. Plus, it’s a key ally in our immune system, fighting off those pesky infections.  

Potassium 98 mg 2% DV
Potassium has numerous health benefits. It keeps you hydrated, your nerves firing smoothly, and your heart beating happily. Plus, it’s a champion at maintaining your blood pressure, protecting your heart, and even helping your bones stay strong. 

Sodium 4 mg <1% DV
Sodium, a true bodily hero, teams up with potassium to keep your cells balanced and hydrated, supports your nervous system for thinking and moving, and maintains your blood pressure to keep your heart healthy. 

Boron 4 mg DV not established  
Boron, a little-known but fantastic trace mineral, brings a bunch of health perks. It serves as a super boost for our bones, as it helps our body absorb calcium and magnesium, keeping our skeleton strong and potentially shielding us from osteoporosis. On top of that, it’s a great support for our joints, easing pain and inflammation, making sure they stay happy and functional. And, get this – boron might give our brain a nudge in the right direction, helping with memory and mental sharpness. Plus, for those that are looking to stabilize hormone imbalances, Boron can help! This means potentially lowering the risk of hormone-related issues. 

With an additional 60 trace elements
Anderson Trace Mineral Complex isn’t just any ordinary supplement. It’s a powerhouse blend that goes above and beyond to give you a comprehensive boost. In addition to the vital trace minerals mentioned earlier, this remarkable formula contains an additional 60 trace elements in trace amounts, ensuring your body receives a well-rounded dose of the micronutrients it craves.

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Boost your well-being with our Anderson Trace Mineral Complex! It’s packed with iodine for a healthy thyroid, magnesium for a steady heartbeat, zinc for a strong immune system, and more. For athletes, pairing elete with Anderson Trace Mineral Complex is a game-changer. Electrolytes like sodium and potassium keep muscles and nerves in shape, while trace minerals like zinc and iron help with immunity and muscle repair. Or combine Anderson Trace Mineral Complex with Sea-M.D. for a winning combo that boosts your mineral intake and magnifies magnesium levels. Order now for a brighter and healthier you!