What are the risks of low magnesium during pregnancy? This article is pulled from a talk by the late Dr. Mildred Seelig, who was perhaps the world’s most preeminent researcher on Magnesium. She makes the case that low magnesium during pregnancy is associated with low birth weight, gestational diabetes, stillbirth, and eclampsia. Not only that, but babies born with these problems have more heart problems later in life. On the flip side, there are many benefits of having a rich intake of magnesium during pregnancy. This is even more important to note because women are chronically deficient in magnesium worldwide. In countries where intake of magnesium during pregnancy is low, both the women and babies experience higher risks. This article will highlight exactly what the risks of low magnesium during pregnancy are.

The following article is written from excerpts that were transcribed from Dr. Seelig’s talk, with intermittent paraphrasing, slight rewording for clarity from the spoken word, or abbreviating as noted. Headers have been added. The full transcript of her talk is technical and references many sources, and you can read it by reaching out to us. This talk was sponsored by and given at the headquarters of Mineral Resources International in 2002.

And now Dr. Seelig’s talk… 

When does Heart Disease begin?

How early does cardiovascular disease start? Would you care to guess? I found this paper written by epidemiologists where they made a very important observation.  Would it shock you if I told that there have been reports of babies developing myocardial infarction before they were born?  That’s early.

Something occurred to me: What would be sensible to figu