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Rhonda Anderson-Lauritzen is the Executive Vice President of Mineral Resources International, and is the youngest child of Hartley and Gaye Anderson. She grew up in the family business and has an MBA from the University of Utah. She has served as General Manager and CEO of MRI at various times, and later worked for a decade as the Vice President for Student Services at the Ogden-Weber Technical College. In 2012, she published the MRI family business saga, Every Essential Element, showing that the Anderson family mission was never far from her heart. She returned in 2019. “It just feels right to be home,” she says.

Trace Mineral Deficiency – 9 Facts You Need to Know

Unless you’re a health expert you might not know much about the mineral content of the foods you eat or the effects of a trace minerals deficiency. After all, if you were to ask a server how much copper you would be getting from a meal, you would probably get a bewildered stare. Just because trace minerals are only needed in small quantities, doesn’t mean they aren’t [...]

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Finding Relief from Constipation

By Karie N. Anderson - posted without recent editingIt’s a subject not often spoken about openly in mixed company, but there is confusion about what is considered “normal” regarding the frequency of bowel movements. While some experts state that two to three bowel movements a day is “normal” and recommended, not having a bowel movement each day doesn’t necessarily mean, and should not be assumed as such, [...]

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A fascinating look at vitality & health

In a recent interview, Dr. David Thomas shares the key to vitality health through a person's life cycle and the critical role that mineral nutrition plays. He is the author of a widely-cited study entitled, "The mineral depletion of foods available to us as a nation, 1940-2002," finding that over a 60-year period, there have been fundamental reductions in the quality of food available. This article was [...]

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Gaye Anderson Remembered

Gaye Anderson (June 5, 1934 - November 29, 2020) passed away peacefully on the morning of November 29 in the presence of family. The week before, her seven children were given the precious gift of being in her presence around the clock. She slipped into a deep sleep and showed no distress after her body decided there was no need to face another winter [...]

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The Many Health Benefits of Selenium

There are many health benefits of selenium, even though it was only officially recognized as essential for human health in 1990. Since then, a great deal of publicity has been given to this trace mineral. This article reviews current research about the most widely recognized health benefits of selenium. One area of research relates to the way selenium seems to boost immunity and aid the respiratory system. This [...]

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Minerals and Immune Function 

This article examines the role of minerals and immune function and will share the best supplements for immune systems. The immune system is made up of a vast and highly complex network of cells, tissues, and organs that are constantly working in unison to protect the body from sickness. Whether it is a cut or a break in your skin (which can allow dangerous bacteria to enter [...]

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