How to Get Rid of a Charley Horse – 4 simple fixes

How to get rid of a charley horse: This problem plagues athletes and sedentary folks alike. If you’ve ever been jolted out of sleep by a searing pain in your leg that leaves you gasping for breath, you know all too well how painful a muscle cramp can be. If you’ve never experienced a charley horse (sometimes misspelled as Charlie Horse), you can count yourself lucky. In [...]

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Supplements for Brain Function 

Why does studying make you want a snack? What nutrients are essential for memory, and what should you know about supplements for brain function? This article walks you through the ways that micronutrients, specifically minerals, vitamins, and micronutrients,  are involved in cognitive processes, like the ability to think, learn, remember, and solve problems. Ensuring a good, daily intake of essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients is not only critical [...]

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