Gaye Anderson (June 5, 1934 – November 29, 2020) passed away peacefully on the morning of November 29 in the presence of family. The week before, her seven children were given the precious gift of being in her presence around the clock. She slipped into a deep sleep and showed no distress after her body decided there was no need to face another winter without her sweetheart of 55 years, Hartley Anderson. The two were an example faith and the power of never giving up—in marriage, business, and life.

Co-founder of Mineral Resources International

After marrying Hartley, the two co-founded Mineral Resources International and a series of companies that extracts minerals from the Great Salt Lake for dietary supplements. They were the first to do so, becoming true visionaries who influenced the natural health movement and helped millions. Their seven children joined them in the business, which is now more than 50-years old, and in its third generation. Gaye also had lasting friendships with people of every background and belief, from all around the world.

Practicing what she Preached

When Gaye and Hartley joined the natural health movement, she dramatically changed the family’s eating habits and her own exercise routines. She tried every piece of equipment in every era, including a mini trampoline (she wore out many over the years), a thigh master, a rowing machine, a treadmill, an Easy Rider, and her very own fat-jiggling machine—you know the kind with the wide belt that wraps around your middle.

She ate whole, organic food whenever possible, and if you went searching for a snack in her cupboards, you’d find overflowing cabinets of supplements. Gaye made her own yogurt, grew sprouts in the window, and baked giant batches of the best healthy bran muffins in the world which she gave away to everyone.

Publishing her Life Story

In 2012, Gaye and her daughter, Rhonda Anderson-Lauritzen, published the Anderson family business saga, which also chronicles much of the early natural health movement. Click here to get Every Essential Element.

In 2019, Mineral Resources International celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Read that story here. She received the Spirit of the American Woman award for a lifetime of courage and service.

The story of 50+ years in business

Funeral services were held on Thursday, December 3rd, 2020 in the Ogden, Utah area. Gaye Anderson’s posterity, which numbers nearly 100, will miss her dearly.

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