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Mineral Concentrations 101

MRI harvests its liquid blends from the Great Salt Lake (GSL) through solar evaporation processes, and blends are available in different concentrations based on the amount of time spent in evaporation. Once brines go into our solar evaporation pools, the water begins to evaporate in the hot desert sun. As it concentrates, sodium and sulfate will crystalize and precipitate out. Thus, by increasing evaporation time, these levels decrease while
magnesium levels increase

For example, Inland Sea Water is the brine closest to natural GSL Water and it is many times more concentrated than regular sea water. It has the highest concentration of sodium, with the lowest concentration of magnesium in our lineup. On the other end of the spectrum, SolarSea™ 110 is our most premium magnesium blend, typically taking two years for nature to perfect. Thus, we have different options for various applications. Additional minerals can be blended into the mix, such as potassium which naturally occurs in low levels in the GSL.

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