Dear Prospective Employee:

Thank you for your interest in Mineral Resources International, Inc. (“MRI” also referred to as the Company). On behalf of the executives, management, and staff, we thank you! Your role in this company could be critical in assisting your department and MRI in fulfilling the company’s mission.

  • As an employee of MRI, your happiness, health, and well-being are important to us. To that end, MRI has established a variety of employee benefit programs designed to assist you and your eligible dependents in addressing your personal concerns regarding health care, insurance, and saving for retirement.

MRI currently offers regular full-time employees who have been employed by MRI for 90 days the opportunity to enroll in our benefit programs. Salary-exempt employees may have the 90-day waiting period waived with the approval of the president.

Upon hire, you will receive an information packet that is designed to serve as an introduction to the various benefit programs offered by MRI. In reviewing the enclosed packet, I’d like to quickly highlight (summarize) three legal and technical provisions you’ll find further explained in the plan documents. First, the attached benefits documents should not be interpreted as a binding contract between MRI, its employees, retirees, or dependents. All employees remain subject to discharge or discipline to the same extent as if these plans had not been put into effect. Second, acceptance of the plans’ terms does in no way waive any other rights granted by federal or state law. Third, MRI may amend, modify, or terminate any or all provisions of the benefit plans described herein including any health benefits that may be extended to retirees and their dependents.

Following your first thirty days at MRI, you can elect whether you would like to participate in MRI’s benefits program (i.e., after 60 days of full-time employment, election may be made to take effect after the 90th day of employment).  If you do elect to participate, your choice is generally fixed for the remainder of the plan year. However, if your family status changes (as defined in the attached plan document), you may make a mid-year change in coverage (i.e., you may change coverage from individual to family or from family to individual, add or delete dependents, or revoke coverage) provided you do so within 30 days from the date of the change in family status. To determine if you qualify for the family-status change, please contact Human Resources (HR).

At the end of each plan year during the open enrollment period, you are free to change your medical or dental elections for the following plan year whether or not your family status has changed.

MRI pays a portion of the monthly premium and the employee is responsible for his/her remaining portion. The employee portion will be paid by a payroll deduction each month.

If an employee terminates his or her employment with MRI, his/her insurance will be in effect the remainder of the month he/she terminates. The employee will then be eligible for COBRA for 18 months.

The Human Resources Department is here to assist you in making the necessary arrangements for
enrollment.  A complete description of the plans is provided to each employee as Summary Plan Descriptions and appropriate supplements.

We hope that you will apply here at MRI and hope that these benefits are valuable to your happiness and well-being. MRI values good health for all of its employees.

Below is a bulleted list of the contents of your benefits package including the type of benefit program and the benefit provider.

Benefits Package Contents:

  • Health: Select Health (packet includes: Member Enrollment guide, price per payroll sheet, member discounts, and a description of our Walk-A-Day Program).
  • Dental: Delta Dental
  • Cafeteria Plan National Benefits Services
  • Vision Care: Standard Optical.
  • 401K: John Hancock Retirement Plan Services
  • Life Insurance: The Hartford
  • Supplemental Insurance: AFLAC

We hope that this information is helpful in assisting you as you make these important decisions for you and your family. We are looking forward to a long-term and successful relationship with you.

  • Once again, if you have any questions, or if there is anything I can do to assist you in your transition to MRI, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.


Susan Anderson
Human Resources Manager
Mineral Resources International, Inc




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