By Matthew T. Anderson

Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) from Mineral Resources International, Inc.® (MRI) may be the world’s best mineral and trace mineral supplement.

This may be a bold statement, however, please consider these supporting facts:

Some people believe that man was created by a Supreme Being. Others believe in evolution.  Whether the human body was created by intelligent design or evolution, the fact that the fluids of the human body closely parallel the fluids of the earth, or the seas, is no coincidence. Numerous studies and comparisons are available showing that blood plasma and even amniotic fluid closely resemble seawater. In fact, in emergency situations, seawater has been successfully used in place of blood plasma during transfusions.

Because man was created, or evolved, from the elements of this earth, and the fluids of man’s body have a parallel mineral balance to the major fluids of the Earth, then there could be nothing more natural, safe, and compatible for restoring man’s mineral imbalances than supplements derived from seawater. Mineral Resources International, Inc.’s (MRI) Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) is derived from the natural, mineral-rich brine of Utah’s Great Salt Lake, which is an inland sea.

The oceans of the earth likely contain each of the 92 naturally occurring elements listed on the Periodic Table of Elements. In 1969 when the Andersons first began to harvest Great Salt Lake brine, researchers had reported 44 elements present in seawater. Since 1969 as analytical methods have improved, a total of 80 elements have been verified to be in seawater and the brine of Utah’s Great Salt Lake. MRI believes that as analytical methods improve, every one of the 92 naturally occurring elements will eventually be discovered in seawater, as well as in the waters of the Great Salt Lake.

Some people believe that choosing a healthy diet can protect against mineral deficiencies and imbalances.  Because water only carries minerals one-way, i.e., away from soil and towards the seas of the earth, the soils have gradually become minerally deficient, while at the same time the seas have become minerally enriched.  Because the majority of man’s diet is derived from soil-based plants, man’s diet has also become deficient in certain elements. As a result, mineral deficiency symptoms have become widespread.  If diets are deficient, then mineral supplementation must be implemented to reverse the symptoms.

Natural springs may be good sources of water, but because each spring permeates through different rock formations, each spring has unique mineral content, high in some elements; low in others. A particular spring high in certain elements may be beneficial in reversing the deficiency for those particular elements.  However, any particular spring will also likely be lacking in other elements. Over time, if the deficiencies are not balanced through other mineral sources, then new deficiencies may arise. Water then, even water labeled as mineral water, should not be relied on as a safe, long-term source of minerals.

The perfect mineral water would be purified water to which sea source minerals have been re-added, to guarantee a balance closest to the body’s own fluid balance, and to ensure no deficiencies of any one particular element.

The Great Salt Lake in Utah is a unique and superior source of minerals.  The Great Salt Lake is an inland sea, which is a remnant of an ancient portion of the Pacific Ocean.  The Great Salt Lake then is similar to the modern seas of the world in that the minerals contained are balanced and are a complete source of all naturally occurring elements, as well as being 100 percent absorbable because the minerals are 100 percent ionic. The Great Salt Lake has added advantages not available from any other ocean source. One of the advantages is that as an isolated inland sea, the minerals have remained relatively free from the pollutants that are known to have entered the oceans, making the Great Salt Lake a much safer source of minerals.  Another advantage is that the Great Salt Lake is naturally six to ten times more concentrated than the oceans.  A third advantage is the climate wherein the Great Salt Lake is found (see below).

Salt, or sodium chloride is an essential nutrient, without which humans cannot survive.  Because soils have been depleted of minerals, foods grown on those soils are lacking in minerals and thus, flavor as well. The modern food industry has solved the flavor issue by replacing only the salt, which is abundant and inexpensive. This partially solves the flavor problem, but creates an excess and imbalance of sodium chloride in modern man’s diet. The perfect mineral supplement for modern man then must compensate for the over abundance of sodium chloride already present in modern diets. Seawater may be a good mineral supplement if it were not for the possibility of pollution and also the high sodium chloride content.

The Great Salt Lake is more pure and pristine than the oceans, but still contains high sodium chloride. Fortunately, the Great Salt Lake lies within the ideal climactic sequence of hot dry conditions that allow for the evaporation and concentration of its brine in the summer, followed by extremely frigid temperatures, which lower the saturation point completing the concentration process to achieve maximum levels of magnesium and ultra low levels of sodium. MRI’s CMD is the perfect mineral supplement. CMD is preferable over seawater, because it begins as Great Salt Lake water, and, thus, has all the advantages of the seas, including being pollution free, but is also extremely concentrated for magnesium and other elements and extremely low in sodium.

The Great Salt Lake has been safely used for food and medicine by Native Americans for many hundreds, if not thousands of years. In 1969, the Great Salt Lake was re-discovered by Hartley Anderson, founder of Mineral Resources International, Inc. ® as the superior source of dietary supplement-grade minerals. Since that time MRI has continued to perfect its harvesting techniques.  MRI has also continued to validate the safety and efficacy of MRI CMD.  MRI CMD is certified GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) through U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration)-established guidelines. CMD has been certified to be safe through numerous safety studies. CMD has also been clinically proven to be effective in reversing a variety of mineral deficiency symptoms, in some cases as a stand-alone product, and, in other cases, as an ingredient in more complex formulations.

Although MRI is flattered by recent imitations, only Mineral Resources International can honestly claim to have a concentrated, desalinated, Great-Salt-Lake-based mineral supplement that is produced using 100 percent natural methods (using only Utah’s unique climate for evaporation and concentration) and produced in an operation from start to finish that is 100 percent dedicated to food-grade production and harvesting. Only MRI has a proven history of safety and efficacy since 1969.

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