Synergy is a term that refers to the principle that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. At Mineral Resources International (MRI), synergy is a term that we feel not only applies to our products, but defines them. We believe that the key to producing fine, quality nutritional supplements is based on the synergistic combination of four, distinct parts.

Each part plays a critical role in providing quality, value and proven results for consumers. The four critical components of MRI’s products include:

  • Northshore
  • Natural harvesting methods
  • Stringent manufacturing and quality assurance standards
  • Personalized customer care and support

Familiarizing oneself with these four components is just as important, if not more, as knowing about the individual vitamins, minerals, and herbs that make up each of our supplement formulations. Here, then, is an overview of our process.

MRI’s Products Are Made by Means of Several Special Processes

At MRI, we believe that the secret to producing effective and powerful mineral supplements is a combination of four strategies that include: beginning with a unique and pure source (Northshore); following gentle, yet detailed methods for harvesting the minerals that do not harm the delicate balance of the lake, the habitat, and the environment; adhering to manufacturing standards that ensure quality; and providing support and sales materials to our customers. This integration ensures a synergistic whole. That is, quality products that provide measurable results for consumers.


MRI’s products begin and end with our annual mineral harvest. NorthShore, majority owned by the Anderson family is the exclusive supplier of solar-evaporated minerals from Utah's Great Salt Lake.

Our remote location affords us numerous advantages. Because Northshore is located far from civilization, there are no industrial processes or operations nearby that interfere with the quality of the raw material. Another benefit of our location is the climate, which helps cultivate an ultra rich, concentrated mineral product base. During the summer, temperatures can climb into the triple digits and the air is extremely dry. The winters can be especially cold, thereby causing the lake’s temperature to plummet. This extreme contrast in climate conditions helps create a superior raw ingredient that is rich in minerals, yet is free from undesirable elements.

Natural Harvesting Methods

We go to great lengths to ensure a quality raw ingredient. The concentration process is lengthy. On average, it takes two years before the minerals reach the right level of concentration and balance before it can eventually become our core product. We never use harmful chemicals in our all-natural process and conduct consistent testing to ensure that our product is free from contaminants.

MRI maintains a full-time harvesting staff who monitor the ponds 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Staff members work closely with nature to create an optimal product by running scientific tests, sometimes multiple times per day and moving the product further along the process only when the right time has arrived. Furthermore, samples are regularly taken and sent to independent labs for testing to ensure the highest levels of standardization and purity possible. The decision as to when to harvest our raw ingredient is paramount; key analytical factors include the optimal concentration level of the minerals, other key laboratory analytical factors as described above; weather conditions, and other important internal company assessments and considerations.

We abide by the highest safety and environmental regulations and conditions. In addition, we have constructed temporary structures rather than permanent buildings so that the landscape is not disturbed. We utilize natural harvesting methods that ensure quality rather than quantity, returning unused minerals back to the lake. And we transport all refuse away to proper disposal facilities.

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance Standards

During our manufacturing process, whether we are producing liquid or tableted products, quality is of utmost importance during each stage.

Once analysis and testing have verified that the raw material can be harvested, it is collected and transferred to MRI’s facility located in Ogden, Utah. Upon its arrival at MRI’s facilities, the lot is quarantined where it then undergoes extensive testing, processing, and filtration to ensure potency, purity, and balance before it is approved for use.

Once the lot of liquid minerals has been approved, it is stored in a separate building at MRI’s facility where it waits until it is either bottled as liquid product, used as a main ingredient in MRI’s tableted products, or used as one of our numerous bulk mineral products. We view every instance of contact with product as an essential opportunity to ensure and improve quality.

Liquid Products

Prior to bottling, MRI’s quality assurance department conducts a range of tests to validate potency, balance and purity. Finished product is filtered and bottled in our clean rooms and sealed with careful attention. Once this procedure is complete, MRI conducts final-stage quality tests and inspects the product prior to releasing it for shipment.

Bulk Powders

In addition to liquid, MRI also offers a range of brand name and customized bulk mineral products. Customers can choose from:

  • a complete natural balance of macro and micro elements
  • a full electrolyte balanced concentrate
  • a low-sodium magnesium and trace mineral concentrate

We offer bulk products in the following forms:

  • Liquid
  • Fine powders
  • Active Crystal
  • Microencapsulated (non-moisture reactive/soluble)
  • Fiber and herbal mixtures
  • Fine powder for encapsulation or granular for tablets

For more information about our bulk products, contact us at the phone numbers and E-mail address listed below.

Customer Service

As part of our commitment to producing quality products, we offer sales support with promotional opportunities, sales and technical support plus informative sales literature. For questions about our products, customers in the U.S. can reach us on our toll-free line, (800) 731-7866. International customers can reach us at +1 (801) 731-7040. You can also e-mail questions and concerns to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We are open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time.

At MRI, we strive to improve global health and well being through the highest quality, scientifically targeted, natural nutritional products. We invite you to peruse our Web site and learn more about our products and our processes.




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MRI is a leading ingredient supplier and manufacturer of quality liquid and tablet nutritional supplements using minerals and trace minerals from Utah's Great Salt Lake.

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MRI offers a complete portfolio of all natural GRAS ionic mineral blends to suit a variety of product applications. Whether it's a food or supplement application, look to MRI.

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