MRI has dedicated its time and resources to providing the highest quality nutritional mineral supplements using minerals and microelements from Utah's Great Salt Lake. At MRI, you will find our allegiance to quality evident throughout each stage of the manufacturing process.

Extensive Research

MRI carefully formulates each of its products to reflect the most current scientific research concerning minerals, vitamins, herbs and enzymes. Furthermore, we analyze the synergistic and antagonistic properties of each ingredient (mineral-mineral, vitamin-mineral, etc.) determining how these ingredients will, first, interact with one another once they are combined and, second, how this synergy will enhance the overall potency of the product.

Precise Manufacturing

During the manufacturing process whether it is our liquid product or our tableted products which are mixed, dried, punched and bottled, careful attention is paid to quality at each incremental stage. Here are just a few examples:


  • To produce one batch of Anderson's CMD, MRI's liquid mineral product and base ingredient for each of its 50 products, it takes, on average, two years for the minerals and trace elements to reach the right balance. During this process, MRI routinely tests each batch to ensure optimal concentration and balance. Only when these factors are in perfect unison and meet our standards will we harvest the minerals.  

  • NorthShore Ltd. Partnership is majority owned by the Anderson family and is MRI's exclusive supplier of all-natural, solar-concentrated minerals from the lake 
  • MRI complies with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

  • Because we understand the synergistic and antagonistic patterns of minerals, vitamins, herbs and enzymes, ingredients, such as herbs, are combined, in measured stages, into a bath of ionic, soluble minerals and trace minerals. This process allows the ionic minerals to saturate and infuse the herbs for maximum potency. Most manufacturers combine multiple ingredients into a dry mix. However, MRI understands that when nutrients are mixed together in this careful and deliberate process, it allows for greater bonding among the ingredients thereby enhancing the synergy and effectiveness of the finished product. 

  • Due to the purity and sheer concentration of minerals and trace minerals contained in Anderson's CMD, there is no bacteria growth. The minerals are naturally preserved and so concentrated that bacteria will not grow. Minor crystallization may occur over time; however, the minerals do not lose their potency.

  • MRI's complete and synergistic multi vitamin, multi mineral supplement contains more than 50 essential vitamins and nutrients as well as the 72 minerals and microelements found in Anderson's CMD. It is the most complete daily supplement found on the market. To allow for gentle and complete assimilation, we've provided the nutrients in a concentrated food base and combined them with enzymes.

  • To ensure you receive the freshest product available, MRI manufactures its products in small batches using concentrated, balanced, ionic minerals.

  • The majority of MRI's products are free from many common allergens including dairy, wheat, yeast, gluten, dicalcium phosphate, corn, fillers, etc. and are also free from sugars, starches, preservatives and artificial colors and flavors. The herbs used in our formulas are non-irradiated and non-EtO (ethylene oxide) treated.

MRI's Commitment to You

In a dynamic marketplace, the ability to manufacture full-spectrum, ionic minerals that are concentrated, balanced by nature and vegetarian set us distinctly apart. Scientific research continually supports the need for mineral and trace mineral supplementation as it relates to overall health and well-being.

MRI has acquired a solid reputation both inside and outside the supplement industry as a manufacturer of the highest quality and most effective nutritional mineral and trace element supplements. As you can see, we go to extraordinary lengths to produce these exceptional products.

MRI is a company with a conscience. You can rest assured that MRI is committed to providing the most assimilable, complete and safe products available in the marketplace. We take great pride in manufacturing and distributing our products worldwide and look forward to providing you with the perfect solution to meet your specific needs.




The Company

MRI is a leading ingredient supplier and manufacturer of quality liquid and tablet nutritional supplements using minerals and trace minerals from Utah's Great Salt Lake.

Products and Services

MRI offers a complete portfolio of all natural GRAS ionic mineral blends to suit a variety of product applications. Whether it's a food or supplement application, look to MRI.

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