When It Comes to Mineral Supplements, Anyone Can Claim the Highest Quality, but Only MRI Can Document It! 


 By Matthew T. Anderson, Director, International Sales, Mineral Resources International, Inc.

Do you know the source of the minerals that you consume? Do you know that Mineral Resources International, Inc.'s (MRI's) competitors start with minerals from industrial sources?

Below are 17 steps that MRI takes that ensure quality and complete customer safety and that set Anderson’s CMD Mineral Drops ™ apart as food-grade minerals safe for human consumption. 

1. Anderson’s CMD™ is harvested from the extreme northern shores of Utah’s Great Salt Lake, which is the lake’s most pristine area. The Great Salt Lake has been studied as a self -purifying ecosystem, and it is the world’s most pure source of liquid ionic minerals and trace minerals, all in a natural balance.

2. MRI’s harvesting ponds are monitored by round the clock security personnel and other security measures.

3. Anderson’s CMD™ is fully tested and constantly monitored for all of the standards set forth of MRI's food-grade Certificate of Analysis specifications.

4.  Anderson’s CMD is subjected to extensive testing according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards to ensure the absence of any possible environmental, industrial, or agricultural contamination.

5. Anderson’s CMD is tested in house as well as by third parties for and passes the U.S Food Chemicals Codex's standard for heavy metal safety

6. MRI’s manufacturing operation as well as the harvesting ponds for Anderson’s CMD ™are regularly inspected by government agencies, i.e. Utah State Department of Agriculture, which maintains local authority for FDA compliance to ensure adherence to food level GMP standards.

7. MRI’s Anderson’s CMD™ is produced using only natural solar evaporation and not through the use of artificial, external heat, which may alter the natural balance and affect the ionic nature of each element. In keeping with the company’s philosophy of producing an all-natural product, MRI does not use chemical or synthetic inputs to speed up the natural concentration process.

8. Many non -food grade companies add dyes to the brines in order to absorb more of the sun's heat and speed the drying process. MRI does not use any chemical additives in our evaporation and concentration process.

9. Anderson’s CMD ™ is stored and transported in MRI’s own 100 percent dedicated food-grade tanks and containers.

 10. MRI has a history of safety since 1969.

11. Over the years, MRI has conducted studies in multiple countries specifically on the unique balance of minerals found in Anderson’s CMD to verify that Anderson’s CMD is safe and effective in the short term as well as long-term use. These studies have included LD 50 tests, an Ames Assay, and a Mouse Lymphoma Assay, which have shown that CMD poses no genotoxic health risks for consumers.

12. Anderson’s CMD ™is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), meaning that it has passed verification by a panel of third-party experts, recognized by the U.S. FDA who agreed that Anderson’s CMD, harvested by Northshore Ltd. Partnership; manufactured by MRI, meet the standards to be so designated.

13.  All MRI employees including those who work at the harvesting ponds are trained in food handling safety and have valid Food Handler’s permits recognized by the State of Utah.

14. MRI uses only pest control methods that are recognized as safe for food production areas.

15. Anderson’s CMD™ is Kosher certified.

16. Anderson’s CMD™ is Halal certified.

17. Finished products contain numerous anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering mechanisms, some obvious and some hidden.

Anderson’s CMD, manufactured by MRI, designates proprietary seawater minerals, concentrated and desalinated (99% sodium removed) from Utah’s Great Salt Lake through solar evaporation. 100% pure.

 MRI is majority owned and managed by the Anderson family, the inventors of mineral and trace minerals supplements from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. The Andersons first began selling their products in 1969. Northshore Limited Partnership, MRI’s sole supplier of Great Salt Lake mineral ingredients, is also majority owned and managed by the Anderson family. The Anderson family and their employees have extensive experience as leaders in the dietary supplements industry, harvesting the highest quality food-grade minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake, manufacturing, labeling, and marketing dietary supplements, as well as dealing with government regulations and requirements around the world.  


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